Sailboat Retrospective

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📌 4 Steps to Master the Agile Sprint Retrospective

➤ Sailboat retrospective is an engaging way for your team to identify what’s working and what needs improvement in any project, sprint, or overall process. This Notion Template outlines 4 Steps to help you reflect as a team on sprint goals, strengths, blockers and future ambitions.

Anatomy of the Sailboat Retrospective

  • ⛵️The idea is that your team is on a sailboat, heading toward sprint goals while dealing with anchors and rocks.
  • 🏝️ The tropical island represents the set sprint goal they have aimed to achieve during the sprint.
  • 💨 The Wind represents everything helping you to move forward with the goal, pushing the team's sails boat to go even faster.
  • 🌞 The Sun represents everything making team members feel good and happy during work.
  • ⚓️ The Anchor on the sailing boat represents everything holding you back on the journey.
  • 🪨 The rocks represent potential risks ahead that you see will threaten future work.

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Sailboat Retrospective

47 ratings
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