Product Strategy

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🎯 Craft a Winning Product Strategy and Align Your Team

A successful product strategy requires achievable goals and a clear vision that aligns your team around key outcomes for both the business and its customers. But with so many different ways out there, finding the right product strategy approach can be a challenge. That's why I've put together a collection of my favorite methods, including canvas and vision boards, to help you develop a great product strategy that works for you.

This pre-built Notion template is designed to help you visualize your product's vision and strategy, making it easy to communicate with stakeholders.

🪄 With examples from Amazon, Airbnb, LinkedIn Learning, and Uber's products, you'll find inspiration and insight to build your own. I strongly believe you will find the right method for your scenario and achieve your ultimate vision for your product.

What’s included?

⚡️ Product Vision Board

  • Plan your early product development with a Product Vision Board, a powerful tool created by Agile and Scrum expert Roman Pichler. Crafting a robust product vision is essential to inspiring your team.
  • This Notion template helps you capture your product vision, target group, needs, product and business goals, and more. It includes relevant questions to help you effectively apply the tool. Take inspiration from Amazon's example, and then build your own masterpiece.
    Pursue a courageous but attainable mission with Product Vision Board!

⚡️ Lean Canvas

  • Lean Canvas is a 1-page startup business model created by Ash Maurya that's optimized for Lean Startups. Adapted from Alex Osterwalder's Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas helps you break down your business idea into key assumptions and validate it.
  • With this Notion template, you can lay out 9 key elements of your business idea, including customer segments, problem, value proposition, solution, channels, revenue streams, cost structure, key metrics, and unfair advantage. Take inspiration from Airbnb's Lean Canvas example and build your own masterpiece! The template also includes relevant questions to help you effectively apply the tool.
    Bring clarity to the critical aspects of your business!

⚡️Product Strategy Canvas

  • A good strategy defines a long-term vision, sets an integrated set of choices that reinforce each other, and increases your odds of success. It also defines the market, focuses on customers, has a theory on how to persuade them to do what you want, and explains what competencies, resources, and systems you need. Product Strategy Canvas is created by PAWEŁ HURYN (product expert).
  • This Notion template helps you to clearly communicate your product strategy and further develop it. It provides all the questions you need to answer to fill in the Product Strategy Canvas. You can fill it in any order you like, as long as it's an integrated set of choices that reinforce each other. Take inspiration from LinkedIn Learning's Product Strategy and create your own for your canvas.
    Create the highest-level view of where your product is heading!

⚡️ Product Roadmap

  • A product roadmap is a shared source of truth that outlines the direction, priorities, and progress of a product over time. It’s a plan of action that aligns the organization around short and long-term goals for the product or project, and how they will be achieved. Recommended by product expert David Pereira (product expert), Product Roadmap offers a 'Now-Next-Later-Trash' method to help you manage product goals with ease.
  • This Notion template offers the same principle, suggesting breaking down work into three-time horizons, from immediate to long-term, starting with the most urgent problems to solve. With the 'Trash' feature, you can easily drop items that no longer serve your product's goals.
    Make sure your team is continuously delivering outcomes with the Product Roadmap Notion template!

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Product Strategy

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