Product Persona & Empathy Map

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Research, Empathise, and Get Inside Your Customers' Minds ♡

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In product management, a Product Persona is a profile of a product’s typical customer. Personas help product teams understand the key needs, goals, fairs, and pains of a specific type of user the team is targeting.

While product personas tell you who your customers are, Empathy Maps focus on what that persona says, thinks, does, and feels. Empathy maps are typically created based on a persona, so they can be considered a subset of personas that focus on a specific area.

This Product Persona Notion Template is a fun and easy way to capture your user research, visualize your typical customer, and create products that make a real impact.

🚀 Capture your product personas all-in-one space

📝 Examine your research notes, survey responses, and user interview

💗 Visualise your users' needs, goals, fairs, and pain points

🔥 Get inside the heads of your users with the Empathy Map

💥 Review ChatGPT generated Persona Examples

💡 Tips & References included


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Product Persona & Empathy Map

28 ratings
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