Product OS

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Product OS is workspace to manage your product in Notion

💪 Kill 'Where to find' syndrome

✌️ Replace Google Docs, PDFs, Confluence

🏅 Use trusted product frameworks

🪄 Elevate Your Product Game with AI-helpers(NEW)

💡Product Vision & Strategy (Value $29)

Product Vision defines WHY you're building something, guiding your team with a clear purpose. Product Strategy maps the course to your Vision, outlining the WHERE and HOW.

Includes 15 handy-picked templates to define and align your product & strategy:

Ansoff Matrix, Blue Ocean Strategy, Business Model Canvas, Elevator Pitch, Gap Analysis, Lean Canvas, McKinsey 7S Framework, North Star Metric, Porter’s 5 Forces, SWOT Analysis, Value Proposition Canvas, Product Strategy Canvas, Product Vision Board, Product-Market Fit Canvas and Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD).

💡Pick the most suitable template(s) for your team, drawing inspiration from successful companies like Airbnb, LinkedIn, Discord, Uber, etc.

🤺 Competitive Market Analysis (Value $29)

Capture and track your product against your competitors.

🏤 Competitor’s Profile

  • Collect key information you should pay attention to and assess similar characteristics across many different competitors: Value Proposition, Key Differentiator, Target Customers, Key Features, Design & Aesthetics, and Marketing Channels.

💪 SWOT Analysis

  • Analyze your and your competitor’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

⭐️ 5 Dimensions

  • Covers 5 Important Dimensions you should understand your competitors’ products and evaluate them in comparison with your product.

🤍 Feature Table

  • Give users and team members an easy to compare the specific features of multiple products including design, reliability, pricing packages, etc.

🎯 Target Audience

  • Identify target segments for your product as well as for your competitors, and monitor and track their education, gender, income level, and other relevant factors. Additionally, measure how many people in the world could benefit from using your product or service by calculating the Total Addressable Market (TAM).

📉 Trend Analysis

  • Stay on top of market changes over time. Find out what people are searching for and which topics are trending up or down. Use Broad Factors Analysis (PEST) to analyse political, economic, socio-demographic and technological factor.

🧪 Product Discovery (Value $19)

🗣️ User Interviews

  • Explore the problem space by empathizing with customers and identifying their needs, problems, and desires. Use the User Interviews table to plan and track interviews.

👩‍🦰 Product Personas

  • A Product Persona is a profile of a product’s typical customer. Use persona cards to track and understand key pains, needs, goals and fairs of your users.

💛 Empathy Maps

  • Get inside the heads of your users with the Empathy Map. Focus on what that persona says, thinks, does, and feels.

⚠️💡 Problems and Ideas

  • The product development process should always be about discovering your users’ problems; Then you come up with ideas to solve those problems. Track and manage users’ problems, ideas and potential solutions all in one space.

🧪 Experiments

  • Product experimentation is the process of continually testing hypotheses for ways to improve your product. Manage all your experiments, AB Tests, User Tests, Beta Tests in one place.

🪄 PRD + AI-Helper (Value $10)

Tell AI to write your Product Requirements Document.


1.What exactly is Product Workspace?

It’s a workspace built in Notion for individuals and teams to collaborate in one space. It represents the collection of pages and databases linked together.

2.Does this work on the FREE version of Notion?

Yes it works with the Free version, but you might need to consider upgrading to collaborate with your team. Check out Notion Pricing HERE.

3.Do you build custom Notion workspaces?

Yes. Feel free to send me an email at or shoot me DM on 🐦 Twitter

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Product OS

5 ratings
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