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Product Discovery

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Discover Your Next Winning Product, Service or Feature

Continuous Product Discovery is the practice of exploring and validating product ideas before implementing them.

According to Marty Cagan, “The first truth is that at least half of your ideas are just not going to work” - Inspired. Thus, implementing ideas without prior learning leads to wasted work.

🗣️ User Interviews

  • User Interviews help explore the problem space by empathizing with customers and identifying their needs, problems, and desires. Use the User Interviews table to define and track interviewees, noting their interview status (scheduled, completed, canceled, etc.).

👩‍🦰 Product Personas

  • Product Persona is a profile of a product’s typical customer to better understand the key needs, goals, fairs, and pains. This component will help you capture the results of your user research and visualize specific type of users the team is targeting.

💛 Empathy Maps

  • Get inside the heads of your users with the Empathy Map. Focus on what that persona says, thinks, does, and feels. Empathy maps are typically created based on a persona, so they can be considered a subset of personas that focus on a specific area.

⚠️ 💡 Problems and Ideas

  • The product development process should always be about discovering your users’ problems; then you may come up with ideas and goals, to solve those problems. This Notion template will give you easy way to track and manage problems and ideas in one space.

🧪 Experiments

  • Product experimentation is the process of continually testing hypotheses for ways to improve your product. Experiments page will help you to plan and track all your experiments: AB Tests, User Tests, Beta Tests etc. in one place. It includes a simple template to define the assumption, target audience, success metrics, survey size, evidence strength and capture results.

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Product Discovery

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